Playoff Poll Watch: Week One


By Ben Sieck

The first installment of the College Football Playoff rankings are… surprisingly accurate.

After watching the Coaches and AP Polls turn in some befuddling rankings this season, my expectations were low for the playoff committee’s first crack at it.

The committee offered a nice change of pace. Instead of reactionary rankings to the past week, the committee analyzed the entire season to this point.

Ole Miss beat Alabama in week six. But following a Rebel loss in Baton Rouge and a Tide blowout of Texas A&M, the Coaches and AP ranked Alabama ahead of Ole Miss.

The committee righted this wrong, ranking Ole Miss fourth and Alabama sixth.

If the first rankings are any indication of things to come, résumés matter more to the committee than the most recent week—as it should be.

However, no rankings are perfect. TCU ranking six spots ahead of Baylor after letting the Bears do this to them is an obvious point of contention.

Nebraska ranked at 15 is the other qualm I have. Nebraska has not beaten anyone, and its best résumé builder is a 27-22 loss at Michigan State. The Huskers may be 7-1, but Ameer Abdullah being really good at football saved them from an embarrassment at the hands of FCS McNeese State.

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