Playoff Poll Watch: Week Two


By Ben Sieck

The College Football Playoff Committee rankings continue to be solid.

For the second straight week, there are no terrible committee miscalculations. However, the rankings are still far from perfect.

After coming in at No. 4 last week, Ole Miss slipped all the way to 11th. Of course, the Rebels lost at home on Saturday, but that loss was a 35-31 heartbreaker to the No. 3 team, Auburn.

The Rebels may have two losses, but losing a close game to a higher-ranked team should not drop them seven spots.

Ahead of the Rebels are Michigan State, Arizona State and Notre Dame, all teams who are 7-1. Ole Miss may have two losses, but their résumé is much stronger than those three teams.

Notre Dame barely beat Stanford, North Carolina and Navy; their signature “win” of their season is a loss to Florida State.

Michigan State eked by an overrated Nebraska squad and got blown out by Oregon. Other than that, they’ve beat up on the inept.

Arizona State has a better case than those two teams, but the Sun Devils were still dismantled by a wildly inconsistent UCLA squad.

Arizona State and Notre Dame play one another this weekend, so one pretender will likely fall out of the race.

Finally, Baylor a 7-1 team is ranked behind all those teams at No. 12. The Bears only loss came to West Virginia, a team that nearly knocked off Alabama and TCU, and Baylor has a win over the No. 6 team in the nation.

If the Bears take care of business against Oklahoma this weekend, ranking them outside the top ten would start to border on egregious.

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