Playoff Poll Watch: Week Three


The new College Football Playoff Rankings will certainly have people #TalkinBoutTheNoles.

Undefeated Florida State dropped from the No. 2 spot to No. 3 in the latest committee rankings. One-loss Oregon takes their spot.

Florida State has faced a who’s who of college football nobodies week after week, and looked very pedestrian doing so. I’m not sure Oregon is the team deserving to leapfrog them, but I’m glad the committee had the sense to ding the Seminoles for their performance.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see TCU rewarded for a more impressive victory than Alabama. TCU’s shellacking of Kansas State was an authoritative win, while Alabama was lucky to escape Baton Rouge with a victory.

Baylor continues to rank behind TCU, despite having an identical record and the head-to-head advantage. TCU’s résumé is more impressive, but Baylor fans have a legitimate gripe.

Auburn is the highest-ranked two-loss team at No. 9, as it should be. However, placing Ohio State ahead of them is a questionable decision.

Ohio State, like Florida State, has played a no one impressive. The Michigan State win was significant, but the Spartans look more and more like a paper tiger.

However, the Buckeyes do have a blemish on their record — a home loss to Virginia Tech by two (!!) touchdowns. This is the same team that is 4-5, and 1-4 in the ACC.

The Buckeyes’ record is as much a testament to the weakness of the Big Ten, as it is to the strength of Ohio State.

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