Five sports articles to read this week



Here’s five sports articles to read this week:

1. Indiana Pacers radio play-by-play announcer Mark Boyle reflects on his brother dying. A very poignant piece. Boyle is stoic and poised behind the mic, and it is considerate of him to let the veil down and let readers see his human side. Of course, best wishes to Mark, his family, and everyone affected by that situation.

2. A-Rod had managed to stay out of line of fire from New York columnists as he served his suspension. With new information concerning the steroid allegations surrounding the third baseman comes a new opportunity to look into what propels one of the highest profile athletes of our time. This New York Post column by Joe Sherman does a poignant job of saying what we already know: For Rodriguez, it’s all about the cash.

3. This piece by Zak Keefer of the Indianapolis Star takes a look at the polarizing figure of Rob Gronkowski. While ‘Gronk’ may not be in the spotlight as bright as he once was, Keefer says that he will be force to be reckoned for the Indianapolis Colts come Sunday night.

4. Speaking of profiles about ex-superstars, this profile on Brett Favre provides an interesting insight into one of football’s all-time greats. For all there is to be said of Favre and his retirement antics…just kidding…maybe not…it is interesting to get a look behind the scenes at someone who, at the end of the day, is just another guy.

5. Now that a few years have passed, what is the lasting legacy of Randy Moss? This Grantland piece puts his career is perspective.

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