Monday Morning Coffee: 3 sports articles to read


Matthew VanTryon | Butler University

Here are three sports pieces to read this morning…

1. Sports executives often shy away from the media. So, the notion that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver would write an op-ed piece for the New York Times–about the controversial topic of legalizing sports betting, nonetheless–is nearly unheard of. That is what Silver did, and he makes some very intriguing and compelling points.

2. Was it really 10 years ago that Ron Artest went into the stands after being hit with a beverage? Was it really 10 years ago that the Pacers began a downward spiral into the laughingstock of the NBA, for discord on and off the court? Indianapolis Star reporter Candace Buckner takes a fascinating look back at the “Malice at the Palace” on its 10-year anniversary.

3. In the aftermath of the Colts being thrashed by their long-time nemesis New England Patriots on national television last night, Indianapolis Star columnist Greg Doyel asks a question: are the Colts a playoff team that strikes fear in the players on the other sideline? His answer might be frightening for Colts fans.

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