Playoff Poll Watch: Week Four


By Ben Sieck

It’s late November and Alabama is back atop the College Football Playoff rankings. Did you expect anything less?

Alabama replaces Mississippi State as No. 1 in the nation after the Crimson Tide rolled through the Bulldogs last Saturday.

Oregon comes in at No. 2, and Florida State, the last unbeaten Power 5 team, ranks third.

Cries of Florida State fans screaming #SECBias can be heard throughout the Internet, but their schedule remains a farce. The Seminoles have struggled against mediocre opponents, and despite winning all their games, aren’t worthy of the No. 1 spot.

Looking further down the list, Mississippi State edging out TCU for the final spot is an interesting development. The Bulldogs appear to be in control of their own destiny. Win out and they’re in.

Ohio State coming it a No. 6 would be hilarious if it there wasn’t a possibility of the Buckeyes sneaking in.

Virginia Tech beat this team by 14 points. Yes, the worst team in the ACC Coastal beat the pride of the Big Ten by TWO TOUCHDOWNS. Yet because the Buckeyes only have one loss, they come in ahead of at least six or seven higher-quality teams.

Baylor fans have to be nervous sitting one spot behind the Buckeyes. Baylor is a legitimate title threat with a weak schedule. Ohio State is just a team with a weak schedule. Could you imagine a Bama-Ohio State matchup in the first round? Actually don’t do that to yourself, its not worth the nightmares.

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