Playoff Poll Watch: Week Five


By Ben Sieck

I would not want to be a Baylor Bears fan right now.

Your team beat the No. 3 team in the nation, and you have an identical record, yet somehow the Bears are ranked sixth.

If that is not enough, your conference just changed the rules midseason to allow the team you beat the chance to be co-champs of the Big 12.

No wonder they hired a public relations firm. The college football world seems to be conspiring against their playoff chances.

For the Bears to get in, they need to beat No. 9 Kansas State, and hope two of Alabama, Oregon, TCU, Florida State and Ohio State lose this weekend.

This is not quite as dire as 2004 Auburn, but that’s brutal nonetheless.

The good news is, the way this season has gone, that scenario might very well happen.

The other big news of the night was Florida State, the lone unbeaten team in college football, dropped down to No. 4 in the committee rankings.

If the Seminoles beat No. 11 Georgia Tech, they’ll get in, but I love the committee’s approach. This might be the most underwhelming 12-0 season ever — Florida State should get their shot if they go 13-0 — but they shouldn’t get any favors for barely escaping defeat every week.

One thought on “Playoff Poll Watch: Week Five

  1. Bears fan? Hmmph. Try being a Baylor alum (and former yearbook sports editor) …

    I know this — it beats the heck out of 1997-2009 when the only Big 12 games we’d win were against Clown Bird (Kansas) and the occasional upset of Aggie, Okie Lite, Iowa State or Colorado. It’ll be interesting to see if the committee can live with itself if BU wins Saturday and still fails to make the playoffs (which is quite likely) — or whether the committee will even survive past one year given the tar-and-feather treatment it’s gotten from the national media all week …

    And as bad as Baylor thinks it has things, how does an undefeated, defending national champion in FSU find itself BEHIND a one-loss TCU team that gave up 800-plus yards to Baylor’s rushing/passing attack and barely beat the mighty Jayhawks two weeks ago?

    A travesty indeed … I say expand the playoff system (and get away from this artificially created drama designed mostly for profit motives) or disband/reorganize the committee altogether …


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