Playoff Poll Watch: Week Seven


By Ben Sieck

Well, we made it. The rankings are in, and this time they’re final.

Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and Ohio State are headed to the inaugural college football playoff.

Baylor and TCU are left in the cold.

The committee got it wrong.

Baylor, not Ohio State, should be headed for the playoff.

The Bears (11-1) won the Big 12, the top college football conference in the nation according to ESPN’s power rankings. Their lone loss came to a very dangerous West Virginia team. They also beat fellow contender TCU.

Ohio State (12-1) won the Big Ten, the No. 4 conference in ESPN’s power rankings. Their loss came to a bad-to-average Virginia Tech team.

TCU (11-1) was ranked No. 3 last week, beat Iowa State as bad as you can beat a football team, and somehow dropped to No. 6. What changed in those five days that made TCU worse than Florida State, Ohio State and Baylor?

That might be the biggest question facing the committee.

I would be fine with Baylor leapfrogging into the playoff because of their win over TCU, but Ohio State feels like a cop out.

They may have annihilated Wisconsin, but Wisconsin built its reputation on beating lesser Big Ten teams. Ohio State and the Big Ten are overrated, and I think that will show in the bowl season.

However, none of those three teams can ultimately say they were robbed. That’s something reserved for 2004 Auburn or 2010 TCU. All of those teams lost at least once. As soon as you do that, you take the decision out of your hands and put it in the hands of the committee.

To TCU and Baylor fans: I’m sorry, there’s always next year.

But for college football fans outside of the state of Texas, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

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